Holiday Hosting Guide 2012 - Netted
Guide • October 25, 2012

Holiday Hosting Guide 2012

9 products and apps for painless entertaining
  • Just Landed

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    Expectation: Flights carrying friends arrive on time. Reality: Yeah, right. This app uses your current location and the latest flight and traffic information to help you execute the perfect airport pick up.

  • Party Decor from Minted

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    The site known for indie designer invitations has launched a line of all-in-one holiday party decor packages. Kits include personalized banners and signs, napkins, plates, table confetti, favors, and more.

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  • Songza Playlists

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    Good music is a must. Spending hours making playlists isn’t. This site (with apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad) serves up human-made playlists based on your current activity from a Christmas carol cocktail hour to an indie rock after-dessert party.

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  • JBL SoundFly Air and BT

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    These speakers sit directly in your wall outlets and connect wirelessly with AirPlay- or Bluetooth-enabled devices. That means no cables to trip over or losing the music remote (since it’s probably your phone).

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  • Phillips HUE

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    These revolutionary LED bulbs can be adjusted right from your iDevice or browser. Adjusted to do what? Brighten and dim, for starters. But also recreate any color in the spectrum. You can even choose a color from a picture on your phone and watch as the room instantly turns that hue.

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  • Triggertrap

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    Love ‘em or hate ‘em, group photos are a must. This app makes them easier by turning your iPhone or Android into a digital SLR remote control, including time-delayed, time-lapse, and motion-activated pictures.

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    Never again say, “Hey, look at this photo I just took.” This app for Android and iPhone automatically shares the photos you take with everyone else at the party. It’s a holiday party miracle.

  • iDevices Thermometer

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    Chances are there will be a turkey involved here. This cooking probe connects to your iDevice to remotely track the meal’s progress – while you kick back and watch football (okay, the parade).

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  • Paperless Post Invitations

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    We’ve been told our handwriting’s jagged enough to sink ships. So when we can send personalized, electronic invites of this high a design caliber for next to nothing, we’re more than onboard – we’re typing as fast as we can row.

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