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Guide • June 22, 2015

Master Your Mobile

These 5 apps and services help you make the most of your phone
  • Strings

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    We’re so frivolous with texting that we forget we’re creating a permanent record of our fleeting thoughtsStrings lets you delete messages on both sides and disallows users from taking screenshots of your conversation or saving shared media without your consent. Power restored.

  • Ting Mobile

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    Here’s a secret: You’re probably overpaying for phone service. Ting is a new kind of service that puts you in charge of your usage and bill. They have no contracts: You just pay for the service you use each month with no penalties or overage fees. Get $25 off a new device or $25 in Ting credit here.

  • Opera Max

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    Speaking of saving, how’s that data plan treating you? Opera Max for Android blocks apps from using data without your permission and compresses video and image files to conserve your available data and ensure a speedier device overall.

  • Battery Doctor

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    Like an actual doctor, this app diagnoses what’s killing you. Er, what’s killing your battery. It’ll tell you what to do to conserve battery life, how much time you regain from taking actions like lowering brightness, shuttering apps, and it’ll grade you on your phone-charging skills.

  • Humin

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    If your contacts list is a mess of names and numbers you don’t totally recognize, you’re not alone. That’s why Humin set out to add context to your contacts. This dialer app logs info about how you met people, when you last saw them, who your mutual contacts are, and more.