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Guide • December 18, 2014

Stick to Your Resolutions

9 apps, sites, and products to help you achieve your goals
  • 2Do

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    You resolved to be more organized this year but already lost the piece of paper where you wrote down your resolutions. That’s where 2Do comes in. This cloud-based app syncs between devices so you always have access to your ideas, projects, and plans.

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  • Prana

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    Your grandpa has been telling you to straighten up since you were 5. Get ramrod-straight with this tiny sensor that clips to your waistline and beams your posture and breathing quality straight to your phone. It connects via low-energy Bluetooth and lasts 7 days without charge.

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  • Heirloom

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    Photos have sentimental value, but they take up space. Reduce clutter in 2015 by capturing your pictures in a cloud-based gallery, and tossing the physical evidence. Organize and share albums with friends and family, and bask in all that free space.

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  • Calorific

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    Question: How many heads of lettuce do you have to eat to equal the calories in one muffin? One way to find out is with Calorific, which will help you commit to eating healthier in 2015 by showing you how many servings of different foods it takes to get to 200 calories. (It’s 6.)

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  • Ink

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    It’s 2015: the year you’ve decided to be more thoughtful. But writing out and sending cards? Woof. Make that process easier with Ink. This app lets you customize, personalize, and send greeting cards to your contacts on the fly. How thoughtful of you.

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  • The Happy Home

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    The faucet’s been dripping since 2012, your water heater only works on Thursdays, and you keep finding bits of your roof on the lawn. Get someone to come fix anything in your home, whenever you need it, with this on-demand home manager service.

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  • Fandor

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    This is the year you start getting all your Aunt Sibyl’s Ingmar Bergman references. For a measly $7.50 a month, Fandor handpicks indelible, historic classic, international, documentary, and cult films to help you get a little more cultured, you little cineaste.

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  • Addapp

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    Your goal is to live healthier. But first, you’ve got to figure out what healthier even means. Addapp pulls together all your health tracking information (from Jawbone UPStrava, Fitbit, and more), to give you a sense of how you’re sleeping, exercising, and living, all in one handy app.

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