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Guide • March 26, 2018

Staff Picks: GLAAD

The crusaders for LGBTQ+ rights online share their top recs
  • Earwolf Podcast Network

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    Brendan Davis / @notbrendan
    Associate Director of Digital
    Favorite App/Service: Earwolf 

    “Earwolf Podcast Network features programming specifically for LGBTQ folks with podcasts like Homophilia, Queery, and Throwing Shade. These shows are all about LGBTQ people coming together and having conversations about representation, love, sex, and all of the other things LGBTQ people care about. I highly recommend that you like, comment, and subscribe!”

  • CrowdTangle

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    Chris Brown / @BrownCTopher
    GLAAD Digital Director
    Favorite App/Service: CrowdTangle

    “CrowdTangle allows us to see what content is under and over performing on social media. The easy-to-use dashboards help us better understand how our social content stacks up against other brands, and gives us valuable insight to help guide our social strategy.”

  • Hamilton 68 Dashboard

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    Jim Halloran / @jimhalloran
    Chief Digital Officer
    Favorite Service: Hamilton 68 Dashboard

    “The Hamilton 68 dashboard tracks Russian social media disinformation campaigns. Named after Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Paper 68 (on the importance of “protecting America’s electoral process from foreign meddling”), the dashboard initially tracked election-related tweets but has since expanded to additional topics, such as the Parkland school shooting. The dashboard is a critical tool in tracking the size and intensity of the attack on our digital lifeline.”

  • Sporcle

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    Matt Goodman / @MattLeeG
    Associate Director of Communications
    Favorite App/Service: Sporcle

    “Sporcle is a massive online quiz website with quizzes on literally everything – world capitals, X-Men, sports teams, LGBTQ characters in films, and more. It’s an amazing way to learn, get really good at being a pub trivia MVP, and I find that playing a quiz or two in between work projects really helps clear my head so I can jump into the next task at 100%.”

  • Feedly

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    Sue Yacka-Bible / @SueYacka
    GLAAD Communications Director
    Favorite App/Service: Feedly

    “Since the demise of Google Reader, my go-to news feed app has been Feedly. As a Communications professional, Feedly lets me monitor all my news sources in real time, from mainstream coverage of anti-LGBTQ attacks by the Trump administration, to the quality LGBTQ news from HuffPost Queer Voices and TransGriot, to the tech and digital stories in Recode and the Verge that impact LGBTQ people as we navigate online spaces daily.”