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Guide • August 24, 2021

Staff Picks: MarketerHire

Our partners at MarketerHire share which digital tools help them stay on track.
  • Vivino

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    Chris Toy
    Co-Founder and CEO, MarketerHire 
    Favorite App/Service: Vivino

    I enjoy drinking wine but it’s very intimidating to figure out how to explore different wines or what to buy. If you go to a shop, you’ll end up just standing in front of a bunch of labels with zero product info.

    Vivino’s wine discovery is great, and they always have good deals because they have buying power. It basically puts trying new wines and learning about wine on rails.

  • Hidrate

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    Brit Westfall 
    People Operations Manager, MarketerHire
    Favorite App/Service: Hidrate

    I am someone who cares a lot about my health and also keeping my skin looking young, yet it has historically felt like a difficult chore drinking enough water. Half the day can often go by without me drinking more than half a glass of water. With my smart water bottle, Hidrate, I not only get a reminder on the water bottle, but also a text message when it’s time to drink more water. I can also know exactly my water intake and how it measures with my healthy goals. I love it when technology supports us to be more healthy, not less!

  • EveryDollar

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    Ivory Bandoh
    Content Strategist, MarketerHire
    Favorite App/Service: EveryDollar

    I like the EveryDollar budgeting app by Dave Ramsey. It’s super easy to use and tracks your spending if you connect your bank account. That way, you can really see how your budget breaks down and choose what you’re going to spend your money on by placing your money in different categories. It gives you a freedom that most people don’t associate with “budgeting.”

    It also shows you just how being in debt impacts your ability to do what you want with your money with the debt tracker tool. That thing really got my husband and I in gear to get debt paid off because we could physically see how much of our income was being sucked up by payments. P.S. We are completely debt-free except for our student loans!

  • Whoop

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    Tracey Wallace
    Director of Marketing, MarketerHire
    Favorite App/Service: Whoop

    I’m a big fan of Whoop. I got an Apple Watch several years ago, and it let me know that I had an abnormally fast heart beat. That was great! I cut out a lot of caffeine and was in good shape! But, the frequent messages were distracting, and even the ability to look at more information just kept me even more tied to a now even smaller screen. So, I found Whoop – which measures all your health data, needs to be charged far less frequently, and isn’t a smartwatch. Now I can track my physical health without distracting my brain!

  • Grammarly

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    Matthew Mozzocchi
    Head of Key Accounts, MarketerHire
    Favorite App/Service: Grammarly

    Being in sales, I am sending out dozens of emails each and everyday. I’ve never been a particularly strong writer, so having a tool that helps make sure I don’t send anything client-facing with typos or grammatical errors is paramount, and it’s never been easier than with Grammarly


    Extra Pick: Loom is probably my second most used tool, most people tend to reach for a Zoom or try to explain via slack messages, but with Loom I can show, and get my point across in seconds. It’s also repeatable, meaning I can send the same Loom to multiple people if they’re having the same issue, or if I’m trying to convey the same point.

  • Toggl

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    Karina Vitale
    Lifecycle Marketing Manager, MarketerHire
    Favorite App/Service: Toggl

    Toggl is my favorite time tracking tool to organize and keep track of my work for various clients throughout the week. Asana and ClickUp are the best project management tools because they have so many customization options and automation settings.

  • Scribe

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    Rod Waynick
    Sales Operations Manager, MarketerHIre 
    Favorite App/Service: Scribe

    I create a lot of software process walkthroughs for team members. I used to have to take screenshots, edit them, add them to a doc, etc. making even a quick 5 step process take 20-30 minutes. With Scribe, I just run through the process and all of the screen shots, instructions are added automatically. It saves a ton of time and tedium!