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Guide • December 20, 2017

Staff Picks

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  • Sketch

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    Bethany Powell / @powellbethany
    VP, Digital Products & Experience
    Favorite App/Service: Sketch

    As designers, we love the Adobe Creative Suite products, but as Experience Designers working on digital products, we really needed a tool that was built for us. With Sketch, the ability to create wires, prototypes, and hi-fi prototypes—all with one tool—is a massive time saver and makes file changes easy to track. Our design team has also leveraged the text styles and symbol libraries to share our custom design language and visual systems with teams around the globe.

  • Mediagazer

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    Jonathan Hunt / @jonathan_h
    Senior Vice President, Audience Development and Social Products
    Favorite App/Service: Mediagazer

    I’m a media nerd, and the media world is my IRL telenovela. It’s sad but true, and luckily MediaGazer, in all its web 1.0 glory, helps me follow the big media stories and the conversations surrounding them.”


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    Kate Coughlin / @Kate_Coughlin
    Director, Audience Development
    Favorite App/Service: IFTTT

    I’m a multitasker, always juggling a million projects, and I don’t remember to check all of the apps I’d like to use every day. I love IFTTT because it connects all of them, from Pocket to FitBit to Twitter, and allows me to do more, learn more, and consume more content in one space.”

  • DropTask

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    Matt Zymet / @MattZymet
    Executive Director, Advanced Formats
    Favorite App/Service: DropTask

    I‘m a very visual thinker. Standard to-do lists are fine, but I want to see context—how everything  connects. Droptask is a brilliant visual productivity tool that gives you a robust graphical interface for your projects and tasks, with multiple ways to view your work.  It integrates with other common tools (Outlook, Dropbox, Evernote, Google), and also works with mind-mapping software iMindMap for a visual-thinker’s one-two-punch. Even better, it has a robust app ecosystem across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, my platform of choice.”

  • Metadata Pro

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    Patrick Witty / @patrickwitty
    Deputy Director of Photography
    Favorite App/Service: Metadata Pro

    Metadata Pro is an essential tool for sidestepping the 24-hour rule on Instagram Stories. It can wipe all inf, including date and capture time, from photos and videos in a snap. Our photographers who are in the field and off the grid for more than 24 hours at a time rely on it. Thumbs up emoji!”

  • Wayfair

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    Kyle Christensen / @kylejchristensen
    Vice President of Channel Social and Digital Strategy
    Favorite App/Service: Wayfair

    This app has single-handedly helped me transform my new house into a modern living space. It has all the decor you need, and its ability to show a piece of furniture in your actual living space is clutch!”