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Guide • June 10, 2015

Summer School

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  • Complete Web Developer

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    If you want to build your own website, here’s the place to start: This 5-star rated course has been taken by over 110,000 students, and will teach you everything from the basics of development to more advanced techniques. We’re impressed with you already.

  • JavaScript the Good Parts

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    Are you kind-of sort-of acquainted with JavaScript but also know there’s a lot you don’t know? Take a deep dive into this 12-hour course to learn how to use this unique programming language to its fullest and avoid all-too-common errors.

  • Mobile App Development and Swift

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    Want to make a living off of app development? This project-based course will equip you to be able to build all different types of mobile apps and even provide tips on how to market them. It’s basically a crash course in how to dominate app development. Not too shabby.

  • Photoshop Web Design

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    You’ve been meaning to master Photoshop. So dive in with this hands-on course. Beginners and experienced designers alike will learn principles of web design. Plus you’ll deepen your knowledge through exercises in creating custom graphics, full site designs, and more.