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Guide • December 4, 2014

The Best Men's Gift Ideas

10 perfect holiday gifts for the fellas
  • Sriracha2Go

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    You never know when he’ll need it: on his late night pizza, or when the big bottle runs out, or with Aunt Ruth’s dry holiday turkey. With this 1.25oz refillable Sriracha keychain, he’ll be able to spice up any meal, anywhere, anytime.

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  • Beaker Tea Infuser

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    If the guy in your life likes tea, he’ll like it even more if it looks and feels like something out of a science lab. With this infuser, you just add in tea, fruit, or spices, drop the infuser in a cup of hot water, and watch the experiment happen.

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  • NFL Protoast Toaster

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    Bears fans won’t look at cheese, and no football fan should have to look at anything that doesn’t bear the image of his team. With the NFL Protoast Toaster, he’ll be able to brand toast with his team’s logo. It gives new meaning to “Monday morning quarterback.”

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  • Jam + Style PS

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    An essential tool (particularly for skaters), the Jam + Style from Leatherman is fully equipped with spring-action scissors, pliers, open-end wrenches, and more. It’ll trim his grip tape, open his bottles, and clip right on his belt. Plus it has a 25-year warranty. A must-have.

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  • QiStone Plus

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    Looking for outlets, locating lost chargers, or just accepting that phones are doomed to die – all that’s coming to an end with the first completely wireless power bank for phones, watches, and more.

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  • TDK Trek Micro

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    This mini Bluetooth-enabled speaker that can withstand water, dust, and sand is the perfect musical companion whether he’s going camping, to the beach, or just the backyard. It lasts 6 hours before recharge… and did we mention it sounds great, too?

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  • Marvel by Selk'bag

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    He may technically be a “grown up,” but he shouldn’t have to sleep with regular sheets or give up his toys. He’d much rather go to sleep every night in this form-fitting, superhero-themed sleeping bag as Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, or Captain America.

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  • Astro A30 Bluetooth

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    These wireless, noise-canceling headphones are Bluetooth-enabled, equipped with a mic, and can work with virtually any device. They’re perfect for mobile gaming, listening to tunes, and even voice communications.

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  • Jamstik

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    Make his childhood dreams of becoming Eddie Van Halen come true with this digital guitar. It has real strings, is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Macs, and PCs, and works with hundreds of iOS music apps for shredding on the go.

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  • Monsieur

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    The super rich dudes, they have the pool with the floating bar and hired bartender. The slightly less rich ones will enjoy this high-tech, smartphone-enabled drink-making machine that can mix basically any drink perfectly, every time.

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