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Guide • December 9, 2014

Winning Gift Ideas for Women

10 holiday presents for the ladies in your life
  • Fownes Brothers Smartphone Gloves

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    Hell no is she taking off her gloves to text in this weather. Especially not when she has these cashmere-lined leather gloves that also happen to work perfectly on touchscreens.

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  • Moleskine Smart Notebook

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    She keeps some notes in a journal, some in her drafts folder on Gmail, some on her iPad… and can never find any of them. Enough is enough. With this smart Moleskine, she can store all her hand-written notes digitally on Evernote by simply snapping a photo of the pages.

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  • Glamsquad Gift Card

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    Here’s the truth: You can’t get the lady in your life a better gift than the gift of cash. Specifically, cash toward getting one or more blowouts through Glamsquad, an iOS app that sends a trained stylist to her home at whatever time she chooses.

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  • Stellé Mini Clutch Speaker

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    She wants to look good, but bring the party too. Two birds, meet your stone. This striking, functional clutch pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device and can do basically everything, like play music wirelessly, charge her devices, and serve as a speakerphone.

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  • UR Tech Earmuffs

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    Holding her phone up to her ear in the winter results in frozen hands and ears too. These earmuffs come equipped with headphones and a microphone so she can take calls and enjoy her tunes without catching a chill.

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  • Handwarming Smartphone Recharger

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    Speaking of frozen hands – this pocket-sized handwarmer will also double as a smartphone charger and triple as a flashlight for when she’s in a pickle. A cold, dark, 1% battery of a pickle.

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  • AudioVox Shutterball

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    She either has her arm in the shot, her face half out of it, or asks the odd friend out to take the pic. Forget that – this super-portable, Bluetooth-enabled remote helps you take perfect selfies, with no awkwardness.

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  • Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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    It’s got a speaker that pairs by Bluetooth with iOS and Android devices, so she can listen to music or take calls while in the shower, in the pool, or by the sea. Who needs land anyway?

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  • iKettle

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    On freezing-cold mornings, there’s nothing like having a hot cup of tea in bed. The only trouble is having to get up to actually make it first. Save her the hassle with this smart WiFi-connected kettle that lets her fix a nice cuppa right from her smartphone.

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  • SmartMat

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    This responsive yoga mat is available for pre-order, but once it shows up it will detect every element of her posture, alignment, and ability, and send data right to her iOS or Android device. Order it today and come July, she’ll be the first digitally connected yogi in town.

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