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Guide • January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2013

Get Roman-tech with our specially curated gifts
  • QlockTwo by Biergart & Funk

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    Being sexy is all about maintaining a sense of mystery. This cool watch not only looks like nothing you’ve seen before, but it displays the time in unpredictable places on its face. Me-ow.

    QlockTwo by Biergart & Funk

  • Koostik

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    Just get away from it all this Valentine’s Day. Get a cabin in the woods with no distractions, and bring these “passive” speakers with you – no power is required to amplify your romantic playlist.

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  • Heart Straws

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    Picture this: You cooked a majestic eight-course meal, worked through a bottle of wine, and then you hand your significant other a fancy cocktail with one of these bad boys in it. Too smooth.

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  • Lazerwood Keys

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    If you’re angling for more love letters, make your mate’s keyboard a bit more loveable. Available in walnut or cherry, these thin adhesive-backed wood keys fit right on top of your keyboard. They beg to be pecked.

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  • Tengu

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    If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, send a Tengu. This USB-powered toy lights up and lip syncs to songs or simply your voice. It might not be the same as a date, but it’s pretty cute just the same.

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  • Kohler Moxie Showerhead

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    You don’t need a significant other to enjoy listening to music in the shower. But just like this bluetooth-enabled stereo shower head that streams music directly from your mobile device, it sure helps.

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  • Chalkboard Door Hanger

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    People have been placing socks on doorknobs since time immemorial. Thanks to Restoration Hardware, society can take a chalky-dusted step forward and use actual words to tell roommates to knock, please.

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  • Pivothead

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    The couple who adventures together stays together. And the couple who records their feats using incredibly high-tech sunglasses, well, they probably do a lot more than just stay together.

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  • Inside Out Champagne Glasses

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    A bottle of bubbly is one Valentine’s Day tradition we can get behind. Still, we suggest you pour it into these mind-bending champagne flutes from the Museum of Modern Art. Each order comes in sets of two – perfect for a special night.

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  • Focusrite iTrack Solo USB Audio Interface

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    Writing someone a song? Very romantic. But if you can’t get the keys to Abbey Road studios, consider this corresponding audio interface/iPad app. Churn out the next “Let’s Get it On” right from your tablet.

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