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Guide • December 26, 2017

Netted’s Top Picks for 2017

From Staff Picks to the Webby Podcast, dive into our favorite posts of the year
  • Best AI-Powered Tools

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    The Webbys team has been traveling the globe to share insights on AI and automation as part of our Webby Talks series: This Automated Life. Get to know the team’s favorite AI-powered apps and services in our AI Staff Picks.

  • Webby Podcast: Season Two

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    While you’re chilling out/avoiding relatives around the holidays, make time to dive into The Webby Podcast. Season Two features interviews with internet geniuses like Jane Metcalfe (WIRED co-founder); Thomas Kail (Director of Hamilton); and Jim Halloran (Chief Digital Officer, GLAAD); to name a few.

  • Motherboard Staff Picks

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    This year we launched the Netted Staff Picks series, where Webby-Winning companies share the apps, websites, and services essential to their everyday lives. From delightfully nerdy picks from Motherboard to awesome apps from the staff of WNYC Studios, these are recommendations you won’t want to miss.

  • Webby Winner Stories

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    We also talked with a bunch of Webby Winners about their award-worthy projects, and how they came about. Check out our Winner Stories series over on the Webbys site, highlighting people like Nika Nour of the Entertainment Software Association, master podcasters The Kitchen Sisters, and more.

  • Better Living Through the Internet

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    ICYMI, the internet did some pretty amazing stuff this year. Take, for example, the AI-powered email app Astro,  or this Webby-Winning website that lets you listen to radio stations around the world. We chronicled these and so much more in Netted—check them out before we greet 2018.