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Guide • February 3, 2015

Get Romantic with These Valentine's Day Apps

10 apps and sites to help you celebrate the festival of love
  • FlowKey

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    There are few things more romantic than tickling out a sweet serenade on the old ivories for your beloved. It’s especially romantic if you know how to play. Whether you’re a musical novice or virtuoso, this site uses your computer’s mic to teach you tunes and correct your mistakes.

  • Knock to Call

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    For everybody going on a first date on Valentine’s Day: First of all, you’re nuts. Second of all, if your date is nuts, you’ve got an instant out with this app that fakes an emergency call to your phone with a quick (read: frantic) SOS knock.

  • Date to Door

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    Must you go out and suffer the elements on Valentine’s Day? The pre-fixe menus (woof). The desserts with engagement rings hidden inside (double woof). Let V-Day come to you instead with this service that sends everything you need for a creative, romantic date to your door.

  • Remember When

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    This one’s for the long-term relationshippers out there. Rediscover and relive your treasured memories in photo form by browsing all the pictures you and your SO are tagged in on Facebook. Then text them along in a click. (Insert heart emoji.)

  • Resy

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    The bad news: Valentine’s Day is 11 days away and you don’t have a romantic reservation. The good news (if you live in NY or LA): With this app, you can snag last-minute reservations at the snazziest restaurants on short notice.

  • Dattch

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    This one goes out to all the single-and-looking w4w readers in the UK and several US cities. Land a date for Valentine’s Day (or anytime, frankly) on this app. You can look for a match using the “Would You Rather” game, send unlimited messages, get LGBT news, and more.

  • Cycles

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    Whether you’re using Valentine’s Day to try to bring a little bundle of joy into the world, or that’s the exact opposite of what you want to do, this app will help you track your menstrual cycle and monitor your fertility so you and your partner can get things right.

  • Sitterfied

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    Ah, Valentine’s Day. That’s nice for people who don’t have children to take care of. But wait! What if you could find a really good, vetted babysitter to watch the little monsters while you eat in peace for the first time in months? With this site, you can.

  • Minibar

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    Okay, not to get too romantic here, but wouldn’t it be classy to get a bottle of wine delivered after dinner so you don’t need to interrupt the atmosphere? If you live in one of this app’s 13 cities, get comfortable and prepare to pour another glass.

  • Blush

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    Sexting. Okay, we said it. Sexting is something people do romantically, right? Apparently, yes. Send your significant others a, um, romantic picture and watch their reaction. Hopefully they’ll blush.