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Guide • May 21, 2014

8 Gifts for the Very Connected Dad

The best father's day gifts of 2014
  • Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

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    Dad loves golfing, but his swing eerily resembles Charles Barkley’s. Zepp’s analyzer snaps on his golf glove, measures his whole swing, and replays it in detail on his mobile devices with tips. (Maybe Chuck should try it.)

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  • Sonic Foamer

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    Dad would love to be out with the boys for a brew instead of in with the in-laws for dinner. Sigh. At least this ingenious ultrasonic device will give his beer a nice foamy head. (Won’t dispose of the in-laws, though.)

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  • 3M Streaming Roku Projector

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    His friend Jerry got a 50″ TV. Then his cousin Mikey got a 60-incher. Put Pops on top with this Roku-enabled projector that streams his shows and games in movie theater quality. Your move, cousin Mikey.

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  • Oree Slab

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    Your dad would like to be thought of as rustic. Woodsy. Smelling of rich mahogany. So shouldn’t his digital accessories be those things too? Get him this trackpad, carved from premium maple or walnut wood. It’s compatible by Bluetooth with Mac, Windows, and his manliness.

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  • JunoJumper

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    He leaves his headlights on for one lousy night and his car battery dies. Make sure your sometimes-forgetful pops doesn’t miss his 9 a.m. meeting by getting him this phone-charging external battery that can also jumpstart his car. Oh, and it looks cool too.

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  • Smart BBQ Fork

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    You could’ve sworn you said “medium rare,” but Dad’s burgers always come out bleeding or charred. Help the old boy out with this connected meat thermometer, which not only tells him the temperature of his food, but also its level of doneness.

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  • iPhone Multi Tool Case

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    We love the guy, but it’s time Dad stopped opening beer bottles with his teeth and unscrewing things with a quarter. Get him this 22-in-one toolkit that all miraculously doubles as a low-profile iPhone case. His dentist will thank you.

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  • Smart Bartending Scale

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    The boys are coming over, and that means the dark-and-stormys, old fashioneds, and sidecars will flow. Help dad mix libations to perfection with a connected bartending scale that instructs him how to make perfect mixed drinks.

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