Father's Day Gift Guide 2015 - Netted
Guide • June 8, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

11 perfect gift ideas for the modern dad, from subscription hotsauce to a musical mug
  • Saucedrop

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    He slathers his wings in Frank’s. There’s Sriracha on every table in the house. Tabasco is his deodorant. Your dad loves hot sauce, and there’s no gift you can get him quite like a monthly subscription to rare, small-batch, pipin’ hot sauces.

    Available at Saucedrop, starting at $16.99 a month.

  • Keysmart

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    Dad’s got a pocketful of keys. But he doesn’t just need a key holder. He needs a key holder that’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum, looks like a swiss army knife, can hold between 2-100 keys, and comes in an array of colors. He might even need one that can double as a USB drive. And for all that, he’ll need KeySmart.

    Available at getkeysmart.com. Save 20% with promo code webby.

  • JuicePack H2PRO

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    This iPhone 6 case has an extra battery that will double your charge, is completely waterproof, and can withstand vibrations, shocks, and drops. So yeah, we think it can handle Dad’s trip to the coffee shop.

    Available at Mophie, $129.95.

  • Google Cast

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    When he hears this service from Google can turn enabled speakers into sound systems you can control wirelessly from your phone, he’ll think it’s cool. When you get it for him, he’ll think you’re cool.

    Available for LG and Sony speakers.

  • The Coffeeboxx

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    It’s got an impact-resistant shell, a crush-proof core that can withstand a ¼ ton load. It’s water, rust, and dust resistant. It’s completely waterproof. And it can make a perfect cup of coffee in 90 seconds.

    Available at OXX, $239.99.

  • Edyn

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    For all that time spent in the garden, it’d be a shame if Dad’s petunias dropped dead because he planted them in the wrong soil or forgot to water them. This monitor tells him what will thrive in his garden and when to care for his plants. It even automatically controls his sprinkler system.

    Preorder at Edyn, $99.99.

  • Noble Brewer

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    Sharing a beer with Dad is one thing. Sharing super rare, home-brewed bottles sourced from all over the world, arriving at his doorstep monthly, is another thing altogether.

    Available at Noble Brewer, starting at $53.99 a shipment.

  • Magnetuck

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    The man needs to look sharp, no doubt. So he can’t be worrying about that dress shirt billowing out or untucking. The answer? Magnets. Specifically, magnetized shirt stays that keep him looking crisp.

    Available at Magnetuck, $30.

  • Selfie Toaster

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    This thing toasts selfies onto bread. That’s it. What else is there to say? Make Dad breakfast with his (or your!) face on the toast, he’ll flip out. What more do you want?

    Available at Incredible Things, $75.

  • VinylPlease

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    Dad knows (and lets you know) that vinyl sounds best. So sign him up for this service that ships one beautiful, limited edition vinyl from an incredible artist – from J Dilla’s Donuts to Thelonius Monk’s Paris, 1969 – to his doorstep every month.

    Sign up at Vinyl Me, Please, $23 a month.

  • Soundwave Mug

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    Speaking of favorite songs: Get the soundwave of Dad’s favorite song printed on a mug. All you need is a link from Soundcloud, and his mornings will suddenly become that much more musical.

    Available at soundwavemug.com, around $9.19.