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Guide • August 22, 2016

Ultimate Guide to San Francisco

Check out these apps and services if you live in SF, or if you're traveling there
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  • Off the Grid

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    Food trucks are great, except when they drive somewhere and you can’t find them. Solve that issue with Off the Grid, a site and app that shows you where to find pop-up food events and trucks serving the good stuff. You can even work with them to get one of those companies to cater your next event. Pool party with a taco truck? Hell yeah.

    Still looking for something to do? Liquor.com will help you find the best bars in your area.

  • Shift

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    Wanna have an adventure outside of the city? You’ll need a car. All the cars listed on Shift‘s online peer-to-peer marketplace pass a 200-point inspection and are listed at great values (since they skip the showrooms entirely). Plus, they’ll bring the test drive right to your door. Easy.

  • Allset

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    Work lunches are usually sad. Instead of another bagged salad, try Allset: an app for reserving weekday lunches at trendy restaurants in SF. Pick a place, choose your time and your meal, and pay ahead of time. All you have to do is show up and enjoy some tasty grub, without losing two hours out of your workday.

    Work lunches are great, but work happy hours are even better at these Liquor.com recommended bars.

  • Liquor.com

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    There are literally thousands of spirits to choose from and a seemingly endless selection of creative cocktails. That makes the age-old question of “what are you drinking?” ever harder to answer. That’s where Liquor.com comes in; consider the site your experienced drinking buddy who not only knows what to drink and where but also when to stir and when to shake.

    For the latest drink trends, cocktail recipes and best spots to drink in San Francisco, visit Liquor.com.

  • RobinHealth

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    Robin Hood delivered money to the poor. But in San Fran, RobinHealth delivers your prescriptions and OTCs to your door. Sign up, enter your prescriptions, and get them in a snap. You’ll also get access to 24/7 pharmacist support, and Netted readers get a $15 credit toward co-pays and OTC meds by signing up here with code NETTEDSF. (Not even Robin Hood could do that.)

    Liquor.com is here to support your health kick: Find out the 6 surprising health benefits of drinking moderately.

  • Luxe

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    You have the luxury of owning a car in the city. Awesome! Now try parking it literally anywhere. Woof. Download Luxe for iOS or Android and get valet service anywhere. That’s right, a valet will come to your location and return your vehicle wherever and whenever you request.

    Liquor.com wants you to imbibe in style after you’ve arrived in style by helping you find the best drinks in San Francisco.

  • Scoop

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    Commuting alone is like going stag to a couples retreat—weird and lonely, and also terrible for the atmosphere. Luckily Scoop makes carpooling in SF super easy. Sign up, note where you’re going and when you want to leave, and find someone to drive with. It costs just a few bucks to ride, and your passengers split the cost with you if you take the wheel.

    Need a place to bond with your carpool? Visit Liquor.com for the best happy hour bars.

  • SFMOMA App

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    If you’re trying to see some world-class modern art, then SFMOMA is the place to be. But don’t wander around there scratching your head: The SFMOMA app is your personal guide to the museum’s outstanding collection. Bring it along with you, and it’ll track your location and tell you about the works near you.

    Liquor.com believes that cocktails are a work of art. Once you check these out, you’ll agree.

  • Hoodline

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    From the Great Rat Disaster of ‘05 to That Time Your Neighbor Backed His Car Into a Lightpost, there’s a lot going on in your neighborhood. Keep tabs on what’s happening in SF hoods with the Hoodline app. It delivers hyper-local news right to your phone. Added bonus: You’ll never run out of things to gossip about with your neighbors.

    For the best places to drink in your neighborhood, visit Liquor.com.

  • Hipcamp

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    The Bay Area is blessed with a really beautiful landscape, so why not get out there and enjoy it? Head to Hipcamp to browse awesome campsites, read reviews from other campers, and book your stay right on the site. Making a fire is hard. Finding a place to pitch your tent (or park your camper) should not be.

    Don’t settle for cheap suds while you’re camping. Get the recipe for a six-pack of ready-to-drink cocktails from Liquor.com.

  • Mr. Chilly

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    ‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold. San Francisco is notorious for its microclimates and differences in temperature. Get the beautiful weather app Mr. Chilly to see temps in each neighborhood. Better bring that jacket if you plan to hit Dolores Park after Ocean Beach.

    No matter the weather, Liquor.com has a recipe for the hot or cold cocktail you’re craving.

  • CycleFinder

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    If getting around on two wheels is your thing, grab the CycleFinder app to use the Bay Area Bike Share system. Peep a map to see bike station locations and the number of bikes and docks available at each, add favorite stations to keep them handy, and even track your rides. Unfortunately, it will not level out San Francisco’s hills for you.

    Once you’ve tackled those hills, Liquor.com will help you find the best bar to get a refreshing cocktail.

  • Sprig

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    It’s 2 p.m. on a Wednesday, and you’re running on fumes from a Pop Tart you ate at 7. You need good food, and you need it fast. Here’s what you do: Go directly to Sprig, choose from a daily menu of delicious, ethically sourced meals, and get some wholesome goodness delivered to your place of business in under a half hour.

    Looking for the perfect cocktail to pair with that Pad Thai? Visit Liquor.com.

  • Detour

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    You learn a lot about a city by wandering on foot. Get location-based audio tour app Detour, for iOS and Android, and you’ll feel like you’re walking with a real guide. You can go solo, or you can walk with friends and let the app sync your group’s audio so you have a shared experience. Go forth!

    No matter where your tour takes you, Liquor.com will help you find the best bar in your area.

  • Lugg

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    You’ve moved to SF, you’ve found the perfect sofa, aaaand you have no friends to help you move it. Classic. Download Lugg for iOS or Android for on-demand moving help all over the Bay Area. Pricing is clear, you pay through the app, and movers show in under an hour.

    No matter where you’re moving, Liquor.com will help you find your neighborhood bar.

  • Routesy

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    You’re a busy lady and you ain’t got time to wait. Know when you’re going to get to your destination with Routesy, a real-time transit app for the Bay Area’s train lines (San Francisco Muni, BART, Caltrain, and AC Transit) that tells you the closest stations and when the next trains depart.

    As you explore the city, Liquor.com will help you find the best places to drink near you.

  • Breather

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    When every coffeeshop is jammed with digital nomads, it can be hard to find a quiet place to work. That’s the problem Breather set out to solve. Their network of private, beautiful spaces has something for everyone. Whether you just need a couch and some fast WiFi, or a projector and conference table for a team meeting, Breather has spaces all over SF for rent by the hour, or for the day.

    No matter where your office is, Liquor.com will help you find the best bars for Happy Hour.

  • SF 311

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    The streetlight’s out, the sidewalk’s cracked, someone left their clunker to rot in front of your building—get in touch with the city on the SF 311 app to make maintenance requests and file all kinds of reports. Instead of just complaining to your neighbor, now you can actually do something about it.

    When the city is your playground, Liquor.com helps you stay up to date with the best new bars in San Francisco.

  • Curbed SF

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    Curbed is the destination for all aspects of home. With reporters on the ground across the country, Curbed thinks both hyper-locally and nationally, making it the only outlet that encompasses everything it means to love where you live. Curbed San Francisco has the ultimate summertime places to visit (or revisit) in everyone’s favorite city. Curbed SF has put together a list of 26 places that will have you falling in love with the City by the Bay. All of these spots are worth visiting again and again.

    No matter where you live, Liquor.com will help you find your neighborhood bar.

  • NURX

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    Finding doctors in new cities can be challenging. Use NURX to get birth control and PrEP delivered to your door without talking to a doc. Just choose your brand, answer a few questions, and your BC prescription is delivered at no cost. It’s free with insurance and just $15 without.

    For the latest drink trends, cocktail recipes and best places to drink in San Francisco, visit Liquor.com.

  • 511.org

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    What does this toll cost? How do I get a Clipper card? What’s the carpool commute sitch? Get the city’s transit resources at your fingertips with 511.org, a mobile optimized transportation site with real-time transit departures and resources for every form of transportation.

    For the best places to drink in San Francisco, visit Liquor.com.

  • Omni

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    You know how to play drums, but your set isn’t getting much love in the back of your closet. Use on-demand, pay-per-item storage service Omni. Get door-to-door service, see a catalog of your items in-app, and even lend items to your friends and let Omni deliver.

    Store your booze in style, too. For the best bar carts in the game, head on over to Liquor.com.

  • Doughbies

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    Enough with lunch delivery, let’s talk about post-lunch snacks! Get fresh baked treats delivered in under 20 minutes with Doughbies. Mmhm. Sign up and get $5 off your first order. Your daily sugar high awaits.

    Love sweets? Then these drink recipes from Liquor.com are for you.

  • Los Angeles City Guide

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    And while you’re at it, why not cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway and check out Los Angeles? Before you leave, make sure you page through our LA City Guide for all the tech tools you need to enjoy your time in the city of angels.

    Ready to find a new favorite bar? Liquor.com will help you find the best new bars in LA.