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Guide • June 14, 2017

Staff Picks: The Infatuation’s Favorite Apps and Services

Get tips for great apps and websites from Webby Winner The Infatuation
  • Konvert

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    Eileen Twum
    London Operations Manager
    Interests: The trashiest of TV shows and managing my dog’s social media manager (Insta: @hendrix_doggy)
    Favorite App/Web Service: Konvert

    “As an English person who spent 5 years in New York and just recently returned to her homeland, I am constantly in a state of confusion about every normal benchmark you need in everyday life. I use Konvert to help me out. This amazing little app helps me with the basics—can the $3.25 that I have in my US account buy me a bacon sarnie at a cafe in Covent Garden? (That would be a no.) What does zero degrees mean in both countries? (I mean how heavy should my coat be?) And whether it sounds worse when I say ‘I’ve put on a stone’ or ‘I’ve put on 14lbs.'”

  • Vivino

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    Buck Heroux
    Interests: Canned seafoods
    Favorite App/Web Service: Vivino

    “Downloading Vivino has probably been my biggest financial mistake in the last couple of years in the best kind of way. Where I used to hold up the wine list to the waiter, jam my finger at the second cheapest bottle and grunt BO-JO-LACE, I’m now adventuring to new parts of the list and leaving a trail of dollars as I go. Vivino has been complicit in trimming my wallet by letting me snap a pic of the wine list to instantly get ratings, reviews, and average prices for each bottle.”

  • Headspace

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    Holly Liss
    Head of Social and Community Marketing
    Interests: Travel, good light, spicy Asian EEEEEATS
    Favorite App/Web Service: Headspace

    Overseeing social for 22+ Instagram accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat makes it pretty tough for me to turn off. Social is seductive and I could go for hours on all the platforms, but Headspace is the only thing that helps me wind down at the end of the night. It’s a meditation and mindfulness app that smartly trains you to get into a meditative state. Burn your palo santo while listening to Andy, and you’re good to go. Yep, I live in LA.

  • DocSend

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    Andrew Steinthal
    Co-Founder & CRO
    Interests: Cereal, chocolate chip cookies, not gross playgrounds
    Favorite App/Web Service: DocSend

    The Infatuation partnerships team sends decks and reports all over, and that process has always been difficult both to organize and to execute. Enter DocSend, which has completely changed our lives. It’s an online deck chamber where you can simply and easily store all your files and keep them accessible for fast, easy, non-inbox clogging delivery to whoever you want to send to.

  • Cameo

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    Dina Smither
    Interests: Netflix, volleyball, and living in the woods
    Favorite App/Web Service: Cameo

    This video editing app makes me feel like I’m way more talented than I am, and conveniently makes others believe it too. The design is super sleek and the user interface is simple to navigate. I can take mediocre clips from my camera roll, trim accordingly, string them together, apply Instagram-like filters, throw some music in the background, and make it look like I’ve spent hours putting a video together. It has a magical way of making my life look much more interesting than it is, too!

  • Citymapper

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    Chris Stang
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Interests: Wine, marketing, marketing the idea that I am good at drinking wine
    Favorite App/Web Service: Citymapper

    As we’ve been expanding, I’ve frequently found myself in places like London and Paris to train our teams. Citymapper has been invaluable to me in those cities. Imagine a more focused version of the directions you get from Google Maps. Better yet, imagine Waze for public transportation. It’ll say precisely when and where buses and trains are running, and it will even suggest what car you want in order to jump out of the tube in the perfect place. It’s a great way to get around a city like a local, except for the fact that everyone can tell you’re not a local. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re wearing shorts.

  • Dark Sky

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    Jesse Rose
    Head of Product
    Interests: Soccer, vintage automobile racing, and my dog, Rex
    Favorite App/Web Service: Dark Sky

    All weather apps seem to kind of suck. Dark Sky is the exception, being accurate, easy to use, and full of information. It gives you a picture into the next minutes, hours, and days with an additional live radar view for when you want to put your amateur meteorologist hat on.

  • Fancy

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    David Paw
    London Content Lead
    Interests: Drinking, mostly
    Favorite App/Web Service: Fancy

    I’m pretty much the worst person in the world at buying gifts for people, so the Fancy app has been really helpful. It’s a photo-sharing app that’s curated by other users with better taste and nicer apartments than me, and it’s easy to find cool, unique items. It’s been great at helping me seem like I actually pay attention to conversations. ‘OMG amazeballs, this gift is amazing! Where did you find it?!’ You get the idea.

  • Simply Noise

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    Hillary Reinsberg
    Editorial Director
    Interests: Dramatic television, Japanese food, the Winter Olympics
    Favorite App/Web Service: Simply Noise

    I’m not someone who can listen to music with words while I work, so when I need to really get in the zone, I put my headphones in and open the Simply Noise website. It’s a pretty bare-bones site that offers three listening options: white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. I’m a big fan of the brown noise. It has a bit of an ocean vibe, and somehow drowns out all the conversations around you. Next up: trying one of those sensory deprivation tanks.” [enable Flash Player to use]

  • Robinhood

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    Brock Manheim
    Partnerships Producer
    Interests: Sneakers, seafood, and quality television
    Favorite App/Web Service: Robinhood

    Before The Infatuation, I ran brand/marketing for a VC firm, and I wanted to buy a few shares in companies I was into without going full-on Patrick Bateman crazy. Enter Robinhood, which makes real-time stock trading as easy as sending a Venmo payment. The UX/UI is super simple and intuitive, and the app is free to use and so are the commissions for every trade. And hey, you’re not spending, you’re saving. So you’ll feel good. Until that $200 you spent on Snapchat drops in half by the time you’ve finished your lunch.

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