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Guide • November 24, 2015

5 Apps to Make Your Trip One to Remember

These 5 travel apps and products will help you get the most out of your trip
  • Hitlist

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    If you’re still pondering where to spend your vacation days, get Hitlist. Tell it where you want to go, and the app will monitor flights and alert you when you can get a good deal. Better yet, Netted readers get $50 off a 2+ nights stay by booking through Hitlist’s partner Hotelied with code NETTED50 (Code expired!).

  • Rosetta Stone

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    The thing that’ll make your trip abroad even better? Knowing the language. So put Rosetta Stone in your pocket. Get the benefit of live tutors, a sophisticated algorithm that knows your learning habits, instant feedback on your pronunciation, and more.

  • Sitata

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    You arrive at the beach and find it’s deserted. Why? Turns out there’s been an outbreak of Monkey Paw Fever. Whoops. Sitata will help you avoid such situations. It’s an app and website that gives you travel briefings on everything from health warnings to political unrest at your destination, so you’ll always be prepared.

  • Headout

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    You found your way out of the airport, waited 40 minutes for a taxi, and finally got to your hotel. Now what? Get Headout. It’s an app that helps you find the best activities and events in seven U.S. cities (with more to come), and you can even book select events from your phone. Remember, you didn’t fly across the country to lie in bed and watch TV.


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    Exploring a new city is great (just look at what happened in Midnight in Paris!), but it presents a problem: You either get lost or buried in data charges from using your phone’s map. MAPS.ME solves that. It lets you download detailed maps to your phone so you can view them without a data connection—and only get lost if you want to.