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Guide • October 10, 2016

Plan for the Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend

Plan a fab and stress free party with these apps and services
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  • MakeupPlus

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    Your bestie is getting married, and that means you’re about to be in a lot of photos—and your makeup needs to be on point. MakeupPlus is your first stop for trying out different looks without dropping a penny: It works like a Snapchat filter (take a new shot, or apply it to photos you already have), except instead of dog ears it gives a you realistic view of how different shades of lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, and more will look on you. 

  • VoteUp

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    With 5, 10, maybe even 20 people pitching in for the guest of honor, getting input is key to planning a killer party. Beach or mountains? Hotel or Airbnb? Cocktails or bubbly? (Both!) Poll your group and get a clear picture of what everyone thinks is best with VoteUp for iOS. Voting takes just seconds and friends without the app can vote by text message.

  • Tilt

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    Oh, so you got stuck planning the bachelorette weekend? Lucky you. If you’re about to shell out, make sure everyone else pitches in before your credit card bill is due. For that, grab Tilt, an app that makes it super easy to collect group payments. Set up a campaign with the amount you need and what you’re collecting for, and your friends can scan their cards and pay you in a snap. So easy, you might actually get paid on time.

  • Invitd

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    The art of the invite is difficult. Group text? Nah, Brenda never checks it. Shell out for paper invites? Eh, you’re already paying for the limo. Better idea: Try Invitd, an app that lets you send custom digital invites via SMS or email. People can RSVP with a tap (and without the app), and you can track responses and send out reminders, too.

  • Roomblocker

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    Finding a hotel for yourself is hard enough—but finding a place for your whole crew to stay? Yikes. Head to Roomblocker, a site for making group hotel reservations. Enter your dates, your group size, price range, and other relevant info, and it’ll pass on your requirements to hotels. Then the hotels will get in touch with you, so you can compare rates and book.

  • Splitwise

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    Between drinks, dinners, the hotel, and that suggestive cake Brenda insisted on buying, your party included a few expenses. Keep track of who paid for what with Splitwise. The iOS and Android app automatically saves receipts and lets you share bills and set up IOUs. Everyone is happy and gets paid back.

  • The Simple Postcard

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    Now for the party favors: You took four thousand photos of your night out with the girls. The Simple Postcard lets you share your favorite memories in a fun, old-school way: Just take a photo, send a text message, and boom, your postcard with that super awkward photo of Brenda is in the mail! Sorry (not sorry) B.

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